Funding to support nonprofit capacity building in Kent County, Michigan

Michigan NOW! Funding Opportunity

Michigan NOW! is a three phase program implemented by the Michigan Nonprofit Association and five Management Support Organizations throughout the State of Michigan. During the eleven month-three phase program, community and faith based nonprofit organizations will position themselves to strengthen their effectiveness to address the broad social issues present in their communities

Services Offered at No-Fee
Trainings, Consulting, and Grant Opportunities (sub awards) in the areas of:

  • Program Development
  • Revenue Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Collaboration and Community Engagement
  • Organizational Development

Who Can Apply?
Incorporated, Michigan nonprofit organizations, with a budget less than $500,000, and specialize in assisting the following populations are welcome to apply:

  • at-risk youth
  • the homeless
  • seniors/elders in need
  • welfare to work transitions
  • those in need of intensive rehabilitation
  • couples who choose marriage
  • prisoner reentry initiatives
  • children of incarcerated individuals

This is a great way to leverage additional resources to support your overall capacity building plan. Please visit the program website for additional details and information.

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