Funding to support nonprofit capacity building in Kent County, Michigan

NPTA Capacity Assessment

The NPTA Fund utilizes the Marguerite Casey Foundation Organizational Capacity Assessment Tool to help applicants identify capacity building needs and assist in evaluating the impact of our funded grants. The tool is designed as a self assessment instrument and is administered through an electronic survey.

At minimum, the Executive Director, key management staff, and board leadership should complete the tool.  However, we do encourage you to have as many people within the organization complete it as possible to gain a fuller picture of strengths and challenges.

Participants will be rating your organization on the following four elements:

  1. Leadership Capacity – the ability of organizational leaders to inspire, prioritize, make decisions, provide direction, and innovate.
  2. Adaptive Capacity – the ability of a nonprofit organization to monitor, assess, and respond to internal and external change.
  3. Management Capacity – the ability of a nonprofit organization to ensure the effective and efficient use of organizational resources.
  4. Operational Capacity – the ability of a nonprofit organization to implement key organizational and programmatic functions.

Participants should allow 20-30 minutes to complete the assessment.

To allow for adequate time to complete the process, the assessment does not have to be finished before you submit your NPTA application. However, it must be completed within two weeks following the grant deadline.

Please note, if you have previously completed the assessment in a recent grant round you may not have to complete it again. We request that an organization retake the assessment every two grants or two years, whichever comes first.

After all members have completed their assessments, NPTA Fund staff will compile results and send back to your organization. If this happens prior to the time of submitting your grant application, you should include the results in the Capacity Assessment section of the NPTA grant application. If not, please leave that section blank and we will edit once finished.

To request a survey link for your organization, please send an email to Your link will be created and emailed back to you within 3 – 5 business days.


Note: The Marguerite Casey Foundation Organizational Capacity Assessment Tool is a derivative product of the Capacity Assessment Grid created by McKinsey and Company for Venture Philanthropy Partners and published in Effective Capacity Building in Nonprofit Organizations (2001). It was modified, reorganized, and assembled in electronic format for the Marguerite Casey Foundation by Blueprint Research & Design, Inc. and is used with permission from Venture Philanthropy Partners. It was then further modified by Dr. Christine Ameen for use with the Communities Empowering Youth grant process in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The NPTA Fund has since adapted summary functions related to the tool, but the content remains the same.

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