Funding to support nonprofit capacity building in Kent County, Michigan

About the Fund

The Nonprofit Technical Assistance (NPTA) Fund for Kent County is a collaborative program designed to address the need for capacity building and technical assistance among nonprofits in Kent County.  Grants of up to $10,000 are available from the NPTA Fund to help pay for consulting services.  It is expected that the improvements funded by the NPTA Fund will result in a higher level of capacity, which will, in turn, contribute to a higher, sustainable level of community service to residents of Kent County.

The Fund was created in 2003 after a group of local grantmakers began discussions about the need to support capacity building and technical assistance services for nonprofit organizations in the community.   To date, 390 grants totaling over $2.6 million have been awarded to more than 170 local nonprofit organizations. Grants range in size from $300 to $10,000, with the average grant size being $6,672. Technical assistance categories supported include planning, information technology, organizational structure and board development, financial management, and organizational alternatives. Click here for a full list of categories.



A group of local grantmakers have joined forces to create the pool of NPTA funding.  Current funding partners include:


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