Funding to support nonprofit capacity building in Kent County, Michigan


  1. Do I have to use a consultant for my NPTA project?
    Nonprofit Technical Assistance funds are, in almost all cases, granted for the purpose of hiring a consultant.  Consulting can take varied forms, however, and can range from a one time technology planning assessment or a longer term relationship with a fund development consultant for example.
  2. Can I use multiple consultants?
    Yes. Multiple consultants can be used for a project depending on the nature of the project and based on the need for more than one consultant.
  3. Where do I find out how to contact consultants in the area? Do I have to use a consultant from your directory?
    Check out local consultants using our NPTA Fund Consultant Directory.  The consultants in our directory have submitted a formal application and we have had conversations with a minimum of three references.  If consultants are newly engaged by an organization as a part of the NPTA Fund process, they are not required to be listed in the directory. However, upon repeat engagement through the NPTA Fund, consultants will be asked to submit an application to the directory. Organizations planning to engage a consultant are always encouraged to seek and review consultant references on their own.
  4. How do I get a username and password?
    A login to the online grants system can be requested by following the instructions on our Applying for Grants page.
  5. Can a 501(c)(4) or 501(c)(6) organization apply to the NPTA Fund?
    No. The applicant must be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in order to be eligible to apply. The applicant may not be a school, part of a school system, education foundation or government entity. If the organization is a house of worship, it must demonstrate that it operates a social service program that is open to the public and involves no religious activities.
  6. What does it mean when you say an organization can’t have an open grant to the NPTA fund before applying again?
    When a NPTA grant is open it simply means that the project in which the grant was awarded for is still under completion. Thus an open grant has not gone through the interim and final evaluation process. Typically, a grant is considered closed when the grantee has submitted their final report to  NPTA Fund staff.
  7. Can we use the Fund to expand the hours of our administrative support person or hire a temporary employee to help with the project?
    NPTA grants will not be awarded to meet payroll needs or general operating support.
  8. Can the Fund be used to purchase hardware to meet our technology needs?
    Unfortunately, the NPTA Fund cannot be used to purchase hardware for technology needs. The Fund can be used to update a web design,  purchase software, or other related technology planning.
  9. I’m thinking about doing a joint project with another organization, can we submit a proposal to the NPTA Fund together?
    Joint projects or collaborations are encouraged. A maximum of $15,000 may be considered for collaborative projects as long as they are for the technical assistance categories provided. Joint projects or collaborations must be submitted as one jointly crafted proposal.  Programmatic collaboration will not be funded through the NPTA Fund.
  10. How much can I ask for?  Is there a range or typical award amount?
    Grants available from the NPTA Fund range anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000. The average grant has been $7,100.
  11. What is technical assistance?
    Technical Assistance is a resource provided to an organization or an individual to resolve a problem and enhance capability. Typically, technical assistance will improve management, governance and the delivery of service. Areas of technical assistance include finance, governance, information technology, and planning.
  12. What is capacity building?
    Capacity building is a process designed to improve management/business practices of nonprofit organizations. It results in the capability to improve outcomes.
  13. What is the length of the grant or proposed timeline?
    The length of the grant is dependent upon the project the grant is awarded for and the projected timeline you provide as a part of the application process.
  14. Does my organization have to be in Kent County?  What if we do programming in Kent County?
    In order to apply to the NPTA Fund your organization must either be located in Kent County or provide the majority of their programs and resources to Kent County residents.
  15. Can I apply more than once?
    Yes. Upon successful completion of a project funded by the NPTA Fund your grant will be closed. Once your grant is closed you will become eligible to apply for another NPTA grant. A maximum of $10,000 will be granted per organization per calendar year. Generally, we do not fund in two consecutive years.
  16. Do I need to mail my materials after I submit them online?
    No, you will not need to mail in your application or materials once you complete the online grant application. Once complete, NPTA Fund staff will have access to your completed application. However, please be sure that you also update your Organization Profile as a part of each grant application.


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